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Congratulations Marin and Sindhu!

Congratulations Marin and Sindhu!Score 95%Score 95%

Carolina is derived from the masculine name Carolus which is Latin for Charles (English), which generally means ‘free man’ or ‘freeholder’; however, “. Carolina” can also mean ‘song of happiness or joy’ from a French origin.

Marin is either a family name or a given name in many parts of the world to both boys and girls.

In Latin, the meaning of the name Marin is: Of the sea.

Sindhu is the original name of the great Indian river Indus.

What a match for the final, isn’t it?

Carolina Marin (June 15, 1993 – Gemini) is known for her speed and she can return from anywhere on the court. As a left-hander, she has a huge advantage against the right-hander opponents as she has comparatively more experience with opponents style.

PV Sindhu (July 5, 1995 – Cancer) is tall (5’10” vs Marin 5’8″) and she takes full advantage of her height. Known for her powerful smashes and rotation in her shots’ placement, she can induce opponents to make mistakes.

Matches at such a level are played and won in minds and those who can read opponent’s mind better, prevail.

Marin anticipated returns better in the match and in spite of Sindhu’s motivation and powerful shots, she walked away with the Olympic gold medal for the women’s badminton singles event.

Although more than a billion Indians prayed for Sindhu’s win, it seems collective prayers of Spaniards from all over the world ultimately overcome the numeric advantage Indian player had?

Nevertheless, we are happy, not only for her winning the silver medal for her arrival as another genius on Indian sports horizon.

She will bring many such successes like Saina Nehwal, Pullela Gopichand, and Prakash Padukone, for us to rejoice and wish her all the blessings.

PS: or Left Handed Super geniuses

  • Aristotle
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Alan Turing




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