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ServiceNow (NOW)


ServiceNow, a cloud-based software company, has made several acquisitions and divestments over the years to expand its portfolio and capabilities. Here are some notable ones:


  1. DxContinuum (2017) – ServiceNow acquired DxContinuum, a machine learning company, to enhance its intelligent automation capabilities.
  2. SkyGiraffe (2018) – ServiceNow acquired SkyGiraffe, a mobile app development platform, to extend its mobile capabilities.
  3. Parlo (2018) – ServiceNow acquired Parlo, an artificial intelligence and natural language understanding company, to improve its chatbot and virtual agent capabilities.
  4. VendorHawk (2018) – ServiceNow acquired VendorHawk, a SaaS vendor management platform, to help customers optimize their software spend.
  5. FriendlyData (2019) – ServiceNow acquired FriendlyData, a natural language query software company, to further enhance its natural language understanding capabilities.
  6. Loom Systems (2020) – ServiceNow acquired Loom Systems, an AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) company, to help customers identify and resolve IT issues faster.


  1. Jigsaw Security (2019) – ServiceNow sold Jigsaw Security, a cybersecurity company, to Elastic, a search and analytics company.
  2. SaaS Vulnerability Scanner (2020) – ServiceNow divested its SaaS Vulnerability Scanner to Rapid7, a cybersecurity company.

Overall, ServiceNow’s acquisitions and divestments demonstrate its focus on expanding its offerings and capabilities to help customers manage digital workflows more efficiently.

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